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Our newly revised and extended course is designed for those who wish to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Heraldry.

Designed for beginners and those with experience of heraldry, this course comprises six lectures that will build a comprehensive knowledge of heraldic design and language, together with a thorough understanding of how heraldry can be used for genealogical research.

Reinforcing the highly practical nature of all IHGS courses, assessed assignments accompanying each lecture will enable students to put theory into practice and use a broad range of heraldic resources to reinforce the learning outcomes of each lecture.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the option to take the Elementary and Intermediate examinations which are jointly issued by IHGS and The Heraldry Society. Students do not have to take the examinations if this is not their aim.

Students who go on to undertake The Correspondence Course in Genealogy will be exempt from lecture 20: Heraldry.


Students may enrol at any time, either by purchasing through our shop or completing the Enrolment Form and paying the registration fee.

On registration each student will received a voucher for three IHGS Heraldry Zoom Tutorials to supplement their studies.


There is no set time limit for completion of the course, meaning that students may complete the assignments at their own pace. However, it is advised that students aim to complete the course between six and twelve months.


Students have the right to withdraw from the Course within 14 days of enrolment in which case a full refund of all fees paid will be made. After a period of 14 days, a Student will be deemed to have commenced the Course, and no refunds can be made.

Lectures and Assessment of Assignments

Each lecture module contains, along with the lecture itself, a select bibliography, which offer the opportunity to read around and deepen heraldic knowledge. However, students are not expected to acquire and read every book listed.

Because heraldry is essentially a practical endeavour, each lecture is accompanied by one or more assignments designed to give the student knowledge and experience of heraldic resources. Most of the assignments concern the practical application of heraldry and some are in the form of a short essay.

Each student will be allocated a personal Tutor, who will review their course assignments and discuss student queries. Completed assignments should be submitted by e-mail to the Registrar, IHGS (, and will normally be assessed by their Tutor within two weeks. Receipt of assignments will automatically release the subsequent lecture.


Whilst the course gives the student the knowledge and practical experience to undertake their own heraldic research it also prepares those students who wish to gain qualifications for examination by the IHGS and the Heraldry Society. The six lectures cover the syllabus for the Elementary and Intermediate level examinations.

Course Aims and Outcomes

Irrespective of whether they choose to sit the examinations, students who have successfully completed the programme of study (including the submission of assignments) will:

  1. Have acquired the skills necessary to research an area of personal heraldic interest and write up a structured report.
  2. Have a thorough understanding of the origins, development and ongoing regulation of heraldry.
  3. Have sufficient knowledge to provide support to others wanting to learn more about the subject or undertake their own heraldic research.
  4. Have the necessary knowledge to sit examinations for the Elementary and Intermediate certificates in Heraldry (taking these examinations is optional).