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Comments From Our Students

The best people to describe the benefits of the Correspondence Course are those students who have completed it.

Most surprising was the amount I gained from lectures dealing with topics I had thought I knew well already!

J Collins of Hampshire

The course has made me aware of records that I would never have looked at; having Ag Lab ancestors I only thought as far as the Workhouse! It also made me visit repositories that I would not have thought of.

P. Dagwell of Kent

The comments of my tutor are always constructive and informative.

A. Foreman of Kent

The course has been of inestimable value.

A. Baker of Surrey

I have found the course stimulating and interesting.

H. Jennings of Australia

The knowledge I have gained… is almost immeasurable.

S. Mendel of Lincolnshire

Every lecture has been a challenge in some way…. Each acts as a catalyst for the student who wishes to know more.

G. Strachan of Northamptonshire

Each subject has been dealt with expertly... I would certainly recommend the course to anyone. I eagerly look forward to the next lecture.

B. Myers of Co Durham

I would just like to say that I enjoyed the course immensely - it took me into dark and mysterious areas of family history research and enabled me to uncover my ancestors back to the 17th century. Sadly I did not discover a lord, baron or famous general. My lot worked the fields, sailed the canals and marched in the ranks.

L. Mitchinson of Hampshire