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Completing Your Ancestral Journey

The Completing Your Ancestral Journey Advanced Level Correspondence Course in Genealogy is a natural progression for those who have already completed the Awaken your Ancestors and Broadening your Family Tree family history courses and is also suited to the experienced family historian who wishes to gain a better understanding of a collection of valuable and accessible records that will help you Complete your Ancestral Journey.

It is a 20 module course and topics that will be covered are:

Manorial Records – Heraldry – Peerages, the Gentry and the Famous - Migration – Transportation – Poll Books – Electoral Registers – Census Substitutes – Taxation - Quarter Sessions – Title Deeds – Maps – House History – One-Name Study – One-Place Study - Legal Records - Newspapers – Scottish, Welsh and Irish Records – Ecclesiastical Courts – palaeography transcription exercises and plenty of opportunities to construct drop-line pedigrees.

The Completing your Ancestral Journey Advanced Level Correspondence Course is assessed with the student undertaking a series of research assignments using a wide-range of records. On completion the student may sit the IHGS Advanced Level in Genealogy examination.

On completion of module 20 there is the option to sit the IHGS Advanced Level in Genealogy examination paper. The exam may be sat under exam conditions or informally in the student’s home. The Institute will hold examination days throughout the year and will also arrange for examination papers to be sent to a nominated invigilator or directly to the student’s home address.

If the student achieves a pass under exam conditions and chooses to progress to the IHGS Higher Certificate Correspondence Course, the student will be exempt the Higher Certificate Course lectures one to eight and pay a reduced course fee.

There is a fee for entry to the IHGS Advanced Level examination, please contact for more details.