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Broadening Your Family Tree

The Broadening Your Family Tree Intermediate Family History Correspondence Course offers a selection of records that will help further your research and broaden your family tree.

The records of the census and GRO certificates will have offered clues to schooling, occupations and professions – they may also have provided evidence of a soldier, sailor, marine or airman. Most of us will encounter the odd nonconformist in our family tree and hopefully they all passed away having written a will, which you may have difficulty in reading. The Broadening Your Family Tree Intermediate Family History course has something for everyone.

The course consists of ten modules and will cover the following:

  1. The Study of Names
    how surnames can assist in your research
  2. Palaeography [16-18th century handwriting]
    how to read those documents you find
  3. Records of Probate [Wills and Inventories]
    how to find wills and inventories
  4. Military Records
    The Army, RAF, Royal Navy and Royal Marines
  5. Records of Nonconformists
    the movements, the records and the politics
  6. Records of Education
    little used records that offer so much information
  7. Records of Occupations and the Professions
    so many sources to call upon

On completion of module 10 there is the option to sit the IHGS Intermediate Level in Genealogy examination paper. You may sit the examination under exam conditions, elect to complete the paper in the comfort of your own home or choose not to do the exam at all. The Institute will hold examination days throughout the year, which you are most welcome to attend, and can also arrange for examination papers to be sent to a nominated invigilator or directly to your home address.

There is a fee for entry to the IHGS Intermediate Level examination, please contact for more details.