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Courses Overview

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The Correspondence Course In Genealogy

The course, which is suitable both for beginners and for experienced genealogists, is also designed to prepare students for professional genealogical practice. As such it covers the full range of genealogically useful sources to considerable depth. This also makes it the best available course for those simply tracing their own families as a hobby, ensuring that they have the best knowledge base so that their research is as good as it can be.

The course is continually assessed with all assignments graded. Those students wishing to take the Higher Certificate in Genealogy examination may opt to have their grades for assignments put forward instead of taking the second paper. The Correspondence Course is both challenging and demanding, but the principal qualifications for embarking on it are enthusiasm and dedication.

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Awaken Your Ancestors Correspondence Course

The Awaken Your Ancestors Elementary Family History Correspondence Course is suitable for those who are new to family history, those who have already started but need guidance on how to do things properly and those who are looking for inspiration on how to break down that brick wall.

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Broadening Your Family Tree Correspondence Course

The Broadening Your Family Tree Intermediate Family History Correspondence Course offers a selection of records that will help further your research and broaden your family tree.

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Completing Your Ancestral Journey Correspondence Course

The Completing Your Ancestral Journey Advanced Level Correspondence Course in Genealogy is a natural progression for those who have already completed the Awaken your Ancestors and Broadening your Family Tree family history courses and is also suited to the experienced family historian who wishes to gain a better understanding of a collection of valuable and accessible records that will help you Complete your Ancestral Journey.

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Heraldry Online Course

This course is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Heraldry. Suitable for both beginners and those more experienced heraldists, this course is designed to prepare students for Examinations offered jointly by IHGS and the Heraldry Society.

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Tracing Your British Ancestors from Overseas

Tracing Your British Ancestors from Overseas Course is specially tailored to the needs of researchers living outside Britain. Whether you are a beginner, someone who wants to understand how to do things properly, or someone who has hit a brick-wall and needs a large dose of inspiration, this course is the perfect place to start researching your British ancestry.

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Day Courses In Genealogy and Heraldry

We hold regular one-day courses on a range of popular topics, such as a beginner's guide to tracing your family history through to reading wills or becoming a professional genealogist. The courses are held in our dedicated classroom in Canterbury, giving attendees an opportunity to see our facilities and extensive library at first hand. The courses are taught by our tutors and some outside experts.

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Weekend Tutorials In Genealogy

Designed primarily for our Correspondence Course students, comprehensive tutorial sessions run from Friday evening through to Sunday in Canterbury. The content of each weekend is aligned to the syllabus for the Correspondence Course and as well as attending lectures held by our tutors, it also provides an opportunity for students to meet and share experiences of the course.

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ODLQC Accredited

All our distance learning courses are accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC) which was set up by the government in 1968 to monitor and enhance quality in training and education. The ODLQC is the guardian of quality in open and distance learning and is now independent.